Our 3 yr. old has been at Goldfish for 4 months and he's improved immensely (taking the kids to the pool is much more relaxing). He looks forward to each lesson and the staff has been so friendly. He told me he wished the lessons were longer. We've had our 3 older kids do swim lessons at several other facilities and those lessons were fine but the kids did not love them. Goldfish has the system of teaching kids to safely swim down to a science. You can tell the pool is specifically built for swim lessons and the air and water temp in the pool area is nice and warm for the kids while the viewing area is a regular temperature.
My daughter has been swimming here for 4 months and has rapidly improved.  I was dissatisfied with the previous school where there were much larger groups per instructor and progress was slow.  She is excited to attend class and the new skills she learns never fail to impress. Additionally the teaching is well structured and the goals clear.  The instructors are top notch and take pleasure in helping the children.  U habe had the opporunity to see the work done by Kelly, Jamie, Sarah, and Julie and they are fantastic.  Great school!
We have been coming to Goldfish for over 6 months now and I cannot say enough good things about this school.  First let's start with how clean the facility is...I am not afraid to have my daughter walk on the floor in bare feet, everyone is always pleasant and helpful, all smiles.  Also a big perk...I don't have to squeeze into my bathing suit and get in the pool...it is just the kids and the instructors.  Also the ratio is 4 kids to one instructor...which is great! My daughter, who is 3 years old now, started in infant rescue swimming but did not look forward to going to those classes, so I was worried about coming here.  My daughter absolutely loves coming here and tells everyone when she's going!  And I have to mention Kacie, she is by far the best teacher...now I'm biased because she has been working with my daughter for all but maybe 1 week.  Kacie is always smiling and laughing with the kids, she makes sure all he kids are comfortable...she builds trust.  She encourages all of the kids and some are on different levels of learning but, she always takes her time and never loses her patience.  This school is amazing and I'm so glad that we signed her up!!!
My seven and four year old girls love Goldfish Swim School!!   We unsuccessfully tried private swim lessons and group lessons at other places for many years.   Within a month my four year old was swimming independently.  Prior to starting the lessons, my 7 year old could swim but looked as if she was could barely stay afloat.   Now she is perfecting her dolphin kick and backstroke. The facilities are wonderful and the staff is welcoming and warm.  They know how to put the kids at ease in the water and build their confidence.  It is nice to have your child not only learn to swim but also love doing it. I highly recommend Goldfish Swim School!  It is by far the best experience my kids have had in the water and is worth every penny you spend!!
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